About Us

Gizmoore is a e-commerce portal incubated in Hylink Digital Laboratory in Sunnyvale, California, USA, part of Hylink Digital Solutions Co., Ltd., which is a global digital marketing company founded in 1994. Its current business spectrum includes: marketing technology, media channel data platform and culture media content IP. Hylink went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on 2017.

Built on the extensive knowledge and experiences in global digital advertising and data technology, Gizmoore presents millions of products to consumers worldwide. These products, made by small and medium manufacturers globally, are reviewed and analyzed by our proprietary methods and processes to ensure the affordability, quality and most importantly safety.

In Hylink, we believe that modern digital marketing is more than showing ads, promoting products, or influencing consumers, and that we can benefit the lives of everyone by offering information that consumers truly need. Gizmoore stems from this belief. We want it to be an online hub where you can always find some little spark to shine your day.